About us


Nest housing  Association Works in conjunction with like Minded Housing Associations  which have a common goal  to implement  the  true Spirit of a Housing Association with a sense of pride and a firm commitment  to  always put our communities first  .This is especially true  in the trying times of the Covid -19 panademic , where not only Individuals but whole communities are  struggling to cope with the socio Economic challenges  thrown up by the upsurges of Corona virus and the associated Lockdowns which follow every wave .Nest housing Association and its Partners are  cognizant of these Challenges and  recognize the need to respond Since the outbreak began, our  housing associations have been working closely with residents, local government, the NHS and others local partners and charities to keep residents safe and supported in their homes - ensuring they stay  active, healthy and safe in their homes. Nest Housing Association and its associates try to ensure vulnerable people in shared accommodation stay safe these include rough sleepers and victims of domestic violence .All this while keeping vital services running and helping communities to respond in a challenging and uncertain environment.

Nest housing Association serves as a bridge by providing a forum for our Member housing Associations and staff to share experiences for a better coordinated response to our Clientele’s unique needs and create joint Strategies along with identifying common goals to deliver better delivery suited to an Individual client’s needs  . We also  build relationships with other organizations sharing the same vision as Envisaged by Nest Housing Association that is to deliver upon the social mission of serving our communities with compassion, understanding and providing the support and  service expected of us.